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    Apr 15
    Apr 23

    2020 Chapter Regional Conference - Houston, Texas

    POSTPONED -- CRC (Chapter Regional Conference) the annual meeting for all 15 chapters in ASHRAE Region VIII.

    May 8

    2020 Clay Shoot

    Come out and "Pull for Research Promotion"


    Welcome to ASHRAE Fort Worth Chapter

    Letter from the president

    Hello again everyone!

    It’s time for yet another update from the world of ASHRAE.  We’ve talked about how ASHRAE can help you, and we’ve talked about several different ways you can give back to ASHRAE. This month, it’s a bit of both.  We’re going to look at the ASHRAE Chapter Regional Conference. Specifically - What is it for, and why should I go?

    First the easy part – what is a Chapter Regional Conference?

    ASHRAE is split up into regions all around the world - fifteen regions, to be exact – and each of these regions are comprised of a bunch of individual chapters in its area. Ours is Region VIII – which encompasses most of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Northern Louisiana, and all of Mexico.  Each year, every chapter in our region sends representatives to a gathering called a chapter regional conference, or CRC. This CRC is where volunteers are trained for their chapter leadership roles, and it’s also an opportunity for the Chapters to send a delegate to conduct regional business. Regional business includes nominating experienced volunteers to a regional position to support and train the chapter volunteers. Regional business also includes putting forward motions to be voted and sent on to Society for consideration – this member input is how ASHRAE evolves and adapts as a society.

    So, now the more important question - why should I go to the CRC? For this question, I have three answers:

    First, if you are a chapter volunteer – an officer or a chair position, it’s crucial for you to attend to learn about your role. The CRC is where you’ll meet your compatriots from other chapters, and regional guide and mentor who can help you with the challenges you may face during your year at the helm of a committee. Second, there are a number of activities and technical sessions to attend – from indoor air quality to a tour of a LEED Platinum Facility. The third reason is less tangible, but perhaps the most important. Since so many experts are together in one place, the ASHRAE CRC is also an opportunity to socialize. ASHRAE is a great way to find friends that share your interests and experiences, and get to know experts in our field. Getting involved with ASHRAE and attending events like these are a great excuse to see your friends, and to catch up with people who you can call if you ever needed advice about some weird specialty question.

    Finally, I’d like to include a special bonus reason to attend the ASHRAE CRC:  It’s a lot of fun! Last year, our CRC was in Cancun. We had a blast sitting by the pool with friends we only see once a year.  This year there are golf outings, skeet shooting, YEA happy hours, and the whole city of Houston to explore.

    In summary - the ASHRAE CRC is a worthwhile experience. Especially this year, since the conference is so nearby in Houston.   April 23rd – April 25th, The Woodlands, Texas.

    If you are interested in attending the ASHRAE CRC – let me know!  If enough people are interested, we will arrange group transportation for us. Also, find more details about the CRC in Houston at this link:



    Allen Grammer, P.E., President
    ASHRAE Fort Worth
    [email protected]

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