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    Letter from the president

    Greetings Fort Worth HVAC&R professionals, and happy New Year!  I hope everyone got to enjoy the holidays despite the ongoing pandemic. 

    I’ve read many leadership summaries calling 2020 “challenging”, but I feel this is an understatement.  It’s been tough.  Everyone’s world has been turned upside down to some degree as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic.  The normal human interactions our society depends on have suddenly become risky or even dangerous.  Just like many non-profits and professional societies, ASHRAE provides a sense of community and even identity for those in our industry.  The interactions we have with each other are a big part of what has sustained our chapter since its founding. 

    We have done a lot of adapting this year and it has not been easy.  Certainly, we’re along for the ride like everyone else, but I’ve been especially proud about how we’ve adapted and carried on.  Another unique aspect about our society during this pandemic is that ASHRAE is full of expertise on indoor air quality and the mitigation of infectious diseases in the indoor environment.  While this is not necessarily the specialty of all ASHRAE members, I applaud the way our society has risen to the occasion and quickly disseminated science-based technical guidance to those operating buildings/facilities.  Many chapter members in the Tarrant county area have also become quick “experts” in an effort to better serve our community and I applaud you for your efforts. 

    No doubt, 2021 still poses many challenges as we start the new year, but I’m optimistic that things will continue to improve and that ASHRAE society and chapter operations will gradually return to something resembling normal. 

    Just a quick reminder that we’re in the process of picking chapter chairs and officers for the next chapter year (starting on July 1st).  Please reach out to our chapter President-Elect, Jeremy Snyder, if you have an interest in serving. 

    I wish all of our chapter members a happy and productive 2021 and please let us know if there’s anything you want or need from ASHRAE.  Thanks!


    Scott West, P.E., President
    ASHRAE Fort Worth
    [email protected]

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