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    Greetings Fort Worth comfort specialists!  The heat is just starting to break and hopefully fall will be upon us sooner rather than later.  Students are going back to school (kind of) and football season is starting (sort of).  I find myself longing for a bit of routine in my life, can you tell?  There is a lot of uncertainty in personal and professional lives these days but engineers are a resilient bunch, so I know we’ll persevere. 

    I also wanted to draw attention to the themes of this year’s society president, Charles Gulledge III.  Each year ASHRAE has a newly elected president to lead our society and set the themes for our operations.  This year’s theme is “The ASHRAE Digital Lighthouse and Industry 4.0”.  The term “digital transformation” is being used liberally these days and the pandemic has only accelerated this as we’ve all been forced to embrace the virtual world.  The term is beginning to sound cliché, but to me digital transformation is about digging deeper into our technology platforms beyond the superficial.  One major example would be Building Information Modeling (BIM).  Most of us have been using BIM for 3D drafting and the coordination benefits it offers, but the next step is to wade deeper into the analytical smart features that take advantage of the rich data sets that 3D BIM models can provide.  This sounds pretty straight-forward, but in my opinion takes considerable effort to move down the development curve.  We will explore this topic and more as we welcome new speakers for our chapter webinars. 

    I wish all of our chapter members a happy September and please let us know if there’s anything you want or need from ASHRAE.  Thanks!


    Scott West, P.E., President
    ASHRAE Fort Worth
    [email protected]

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