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    Dec 11

    December 2019 Chapter Meeting

    The (un)Ethical Engineer


    Dec 11

    December 2019 YEA Event

    Join the Fort Worth and Dallas Chapters for a YEA Event!

    Welcome to ASHRAE Fort Worth Chapter

    Letter from the president

    Hello again, All!

    Last month, we talked about how many of the different services and resources that ASHRAE has to offer. This month, I want to take a moment to talk about one of the ways we make those resources possible, and recognize all of our members who have contributed to the cause. This month, we’re talking about ASHRAE Research.

    As we already mentioned last month, ASHRAE delivers a lot of value - not just to its membership, but to the HVAC industry as a whole. ASHRAE has been instrumental in creating the standards that are the foundation of any HVAC design, and they also provide standardized testing procedures - allowing manufacturers to compete on a level playing field. In addition to standards, ASHRAE also publishes the preeminent reference manuals for our industry - the ASHRAE Handbooks.

    These reference standards and guidebooks aren’t easy, or inexpensive to compile. Each page, paragraph, and sentence has been scrutinized, and is backed up by careful research in Universities and Laboratories worldwide.

    Primarily, the labor of love required to compile these resources is tackled each day by volunteer members of our society - experts in their field from around the globe. University and Laboratory testing is funded in large part by ASHRAE’s Research Promotion. This research promotion function of ASHRAE is funded by donations from individual members, and goes towards research into safer, cleaner, more comfortable, and more sustainable technologies across all aspects of the built environment.

    ASHRAE research is funded by donations from members like you. Many of our members have already chosen to donate, and have been recognized at the last chapter meeting. If you are willing, I would urge you to consider donating to ASHRAE research as well, and add your name to that list.

    It’s the season of giving! If you would like more information about ASHRAE, ASHRAE research funding, or how to give, please reach out to either myself, or our Chapter’s Research Promotion Chairperson and past President - Saul Martinez. ([email protected])


    Allen Grammer, P.E., President
    ASHRAE Fort Worth
    [email protected]

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