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    Letter from the president


    Greetings Fort Worth HVAC&R professionals.  I hope everyone is enjoying the autumn weather and getting ready for turkey time!  I know I’m ready for warm hearth fires and comfort food. 

    These are uncertain times in our industry and in the larger economy.  The pandemic is dragging on and most people have moved beyond the “grit your teeth and bare it” stage.  Overall, the building design and construction industry has held up pretty well compared to other sectors, which I’m sure we’re all thankful for.  However, the types of property owners and developers that are pushing forward right now are not necessarily the ones that were doing so before the pandemic.  The new normal is not affecting all projects evenly which is causing a high degree of uncertainty across the board.

    Many business models have been severely challenged by the world’s move to reduced social interaction.  The entertainment and hospitality industries, in particular, have been devastated.  Students everywhere are wrestling with a big gap in learning and social development at all age groups.  The social isolation and economic chaos have also taken their toll on adults and many people are hurting.  If you know of anyone in HVAC&R that are struggling for work right now, feel free to tap your ASHRAE Fort Worth chapter network to see if we can find them a new home. 

    Despite the negative developments, I’m still optimistic about the buildings industry and about HVAC&R in particular.  Regarding the pandemic, ASHRAE members have a unique opportunity to be part of the solution to a public health crisis.  There are numerous COVID-19 mitigation measures that a building can take to ensure HVAC systems minimize the risk of infectious disease transmission.  On that note, the Fort Worth chapter will be hosting Dr. William Bahnfleth from Penn State University as our November webinar speaker.  Dr. Bahnfleth is a past ASHRAE society president and an expert in the science of infectious disease transmission in buildings.  He is the chair of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force and will be presenting two separate 1-hour sessions to us next week.  If you don’t currently feel comfortable talking to building owners and operators about COVID-19 mitigation for HVAC, I guarantee you will after these presentations.  Please join us (virtually) if you’re able. 

    I wish all of our chapter members a happy November and please let us know if there’s anything you want or need from ASHRAE.  Thanks!


    Scott West, P.E., President
    ASHRAE Fort Worth
    [email protected]

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