January 2020 Chapter Meeting

    January 15, 2020
    11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
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    Petroleum Club
    777 Main Street
    Fort Worth, TX 76102

    ASHRAE 62.1 is fundamentally changed from the version of 62 that was the basis for many building codes. This presentation provides an overview of the standard with emphasis on the most recent and proposed changes.

    1. Overall Direction for Modifications to Standard 62.1 

    SSPC 62.1’s mission is to maintain a design standard providing ventilation procedures for acceptable indoor air safety and quality for the built environment. After a year of discussions, the committee made an important decision. That decision is to make the quality of indoor air more comparable between the different pathways. This presentation addresses the modifications to ASHRAE standard 62.1. 

    1. Changes to the VRP 

    Ventilation Rate Procedure is the prescriptive design procedure presented in Section 6.2, in which outdoor air intake rates are determined based on space type/application, occupancy level, and floor area, shall be permitted to be used for any zone or system. Informative Note: The Ventilation Rate Procedure minimum rates are based on contaminant sources and source strengths that are typical for the listed occupancy categories. The requirements for atypical sources are spelled out in new addenda. There is a simplified VRP that incorporates a default Ev. This helps designers who do not wish to perform the more complex calculations in Appendix A. The use of this simplified procedure is described. 

    1. The New IAQP 

    This presentation discusses the design requirements of the New proposed IAQP. Those requirements include; identification of contaminants of concern, determining indoor and outdoor sources, identifying a concentration limit and exposure period, specifying percentage of building occupants to be satisfied with perceived IAQ and performing a mass balance analysis for selected compounds. 

    Speaker Bio:

    Marwa Zaatari is Vice President of Building Solutions at enVerid Systems since 2015. She leads design of ventilation and filtration/sorption systems in buildings, manages filtration/sorption systems installations and integration into HVAC systems, energy and indoor air quality protocol development and field measurements and monitoring. Prior to this, Marwa worked as a consultant for Trinity Consultants where she prepared state and federal air quality permit applications for various industries, including chemical factories, oil and gas production, among others. Marwa holds a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2013. Her interests and research have focused on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, measurement and modeling of indoor pollutants, human exposure assessment, and HVAC filtration and sorption. Marwa is a member of several ASHRAE Committees, voting member of ASHRAE Standard 62.1, voting member of TC2.3 and Standard 145.2. She is the ASHRAE Chair of the Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP) Working Group, a LEED Committee member, and Chair of LEED IAQP Working Group.


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