November 2019 Chapter Meeting

    November 20, 2019
    10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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    Petroleum Club
    777 Main Street
    Fort Worth, TX 76102

    This month we will have a special event - having two sessions - one at 10-11am and our normal luncheon at 11:30am - 1pm.  You can attend either one or both!


    Critical Facilities New Construction Commissioning and Existing Building Commissioning

    This presentation will explore the fundamentals of new construction (Cx) and existing building commissioning (EBCx) for critical facilities.  The initial topic covered will be the introduction to commissioning as defined by ASHRAE Guideline lines and Standards.  This will be followed by a review of the challenges with bidding Cx and EBCx projects and real world guidance on how to bid and select commissioning firms for projects. The process for Cx will be broken down into a step by step flow with details and examples provided at each step.  Case studies will be presented for Cx projects with best practices, lessons learned and some specific benefits produced by following the ASHRAE Commissioning Process.  The process for EBCx will also be detailed and new case studies presented to demonstrate the need for maintaining a buildings edge over time with ASHRAEs suite of Commissioning Guidelines and Standards.

    1. 3 to 5 questions & answers that you will ask the audience as an assessment of learning (these can be incorporated into your presentation)
      1. Intelligent Buildings
        1. What is the difference between a Smart Building and an Intelligent Building?
          1. A smart building has intelligence in silos while an Intelligent Building utilizes data from one system to make another system smarter.
        2. What is the three pillars of an intelligent building
          1. Economic, Environmental and Experiential
    • What CSI division is the foundation for intelligent building integration?
      1. Division 25
    1. Commissioning
      1. Why Commission a building?
        1. Documented proof or functional verification.
      2. What is the difference between Retro-Cx and Re-commissioning?
        1. Retro brings systems back to their old design while “re” brings the systems to today’s needs
    • What is the best way to price Existing Building Cx: Sq ft or system count?
      1. System count – we test systems not the volume of a space.


    Intelligent Buildings – Technology is changing what is possible in the built environment

    There is a lot of buzz around Intelligent, or Smart, Buildings, but what is an Intelligent Building? This presentation will examine the answers to this question and how you can put your building on its path to a “higher education”.

    Advancements in technology have given the engineer the ability to aggregate and share data across disparate systems thereby creating opportunities to increase energy and operational efficiencies, improve occupant comfort, safety, productivity, and enrich the visualization capabilities for the organization’s numerous internal and external stakeholders.  The intelligent building platform will result in a more efficient, secure and productive asset that has the capacity to continuously improve over its lifetime.


    Jim Vallort has spent his career focusing on energy: ranging from measuring energy usage, optimizing the systems, integrating automation to control energy and the impact of commissioning on energy consumption. Jim is a Managing Director with ESD headquartered in Chicago, IL, a consulting engineering firm.  Jim also served as an ASHRAE Society Vice President for the 2014-2016 Board of Directors. He currently serves as a member of Guideline 1.6 Data Center Commissioning, ASHRAE Professional Development Committee, and Program subcommittee chair for Technical Committee (TC) 7.9, Building Commissioning.

    Jim previously served on the Board as a director-at-large in 2005-08 and as Region VI director and Regional Chair in 2001-04.  He successfully merged the Chicago and Illinois chapters and was the Illinois Chapter president in 1999-2000.

    He brings a unique perspective on the constructability and real world aspects of our industry having been a union pipefitter, spent years in the field commissioning projects, combined with the experience as a mechanical designer, building automation designer and energy modeler.

    Jim’s greatest joy at work is teaching and mentoring others on the mix of art and science that is required to solve today’s challenges in the engineering community.  This passion guided Jim in developing the YEA committee within ASHRAE when on Members Council.  Vallort is the recipient of the ASHRAE Exceptional Service Award, ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award, Excellence in Engineering Award from the ASHRAE Illinois Chapter and ASHRAE Fellow.


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