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Date: October 17, 2018
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Location: UTA - E.H. Hereford Center - Carlisle Room

300 W. 1st Street

Arlington, Texas 76010



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TOPIC: TC 9.9 - "Mission Critical Facilities, Data Center, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment"


SPEAKER: Roger Schmidt, IBM Fellow Emeritus - Syracuse University Traugott Distinguished Professor - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering



Speaker Bio:

Roger R. Schmidt (NAE) is a Syracuse University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Traugott Distinguished Professor, IBM Fellow Emeritus, National Academy of Engineering Member, and ASME Fellow. He has over 37 years’ experience in engineering and engineering management in the thermal design of IBM’s large scale computers.  He was IBM’s Chief Engineer on Data Center Energy Efficiency and has led development teams in cooling mainframes, client/servers, parallel processors and test equipment utilizing such cooling mediums as air, water, and refrigerants. He led IBM’s Advanced Thermal Energy Efficiency Lab which develops advanced electronic cooling technologies and provided customer support for power and cooling issues in data centers.  He has published more than 125 technical papers and has over 140 patents/patent pending in the area of electronic cooling. He is co-founder and past chair of the ASHRAE TC9.9 committee on Mission Critical Facilities and Data Centers. He is a member of ASME’s Heat Transfer Division and a member of the K-16 Electronic Cooling Committee.  He has been an Associate Editor of the Journal of Electronic Packaging, ASHRAE Research Journal and the ASME Journal of Heat Transfer.  He has taught extensively over the past 25 years Mechanical Engineering courses for prospective Professional Engineers and has given seminars on electronic cooling and power and cooling trends of IT equipment to a number of organizations around the world.



The technical committee (TC 9.9) “Mission Critical Facilities, Data Center, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment” is the largest of the over 100 technical committees in ASHRAE. The committee’s focus has been on providing the industry information that will enhance the energy efficient operation of data centers around the world. Recent surveys of CIO’s have shown that energy is one of the leading concerns in the operation of data centers. The IT industry ranks 6th in overall energy use compared to other large industries and if the manufacturing of IT equipment which ranks 11th is included with the power required to drive all the IT equipment then this industry is 3rd on the list of industries which use the most energy in the US. The TC99 committee has contributed to educating the industry on a number of areas that will help in improving the energy efficiency of data centers with the publication of several Datacom books (13) and whitepapers along with a providing many webinars. Some of the key areas of these guidelines will be discussed.